Wine School at The Chophouse

The scope of Wine School is to introduce people to the pleasures of drinking wine with the added satisfaction of being able to choose grape varietals and wine styles that match their personal taste.

Our introductory course will take novices on a voyage from one wine – producing country to another, across wine regions and vineyards around the world tasting and talking through so many different wines made by as many diverse wine makers.

Many of us are afraid to talk about wine, even show a preference, for fear of making a fool of ourselves, as though wine were only for a select group, for the self-styled connoisseur. Wine is for everyone to enjoy at a price they can afford to drink in company they enjoy. We all have different preferences and there is a favourite wine out there waiting to be discovered.


Wine School’s classes are fun. Held monthly from November through to June, during these evenings respected wine buff Hubert will with his characteristic passion and wisdom arouse your interest, enthuse your curiosity, enrich your knowledge and get you to enjoy every damn sip and swallow of wine.

As a follow up to the intro classes we will also hold sessions for Amateurs, as in wine “lovers”, and as the wines become more complex and interesting so do palates and smelling senses begin to develop and become more accomplished. Hubert excels in leading you into and around this inebriating world and shares the excitement as together you share your experiences and develop your “connoisseurship”

A typical Wine School session will commence at 8.00pm sharp and end at 10.30pm. Hubert will begin by explaining the night’s subject and giving some background on the wines of the evening.
The tasting commences, circa five wines, and appropriate tapas style food served. With each wine Hubert will have something to say and certainly questions will flow to and fro. At around 9.00pm a hearty plate of the day will be served, this will vary on the time of year and wines being drunk.

Novices every 2nd Thursday of the month, November to June.
Amateurs every 3rd Thursday of the month, November to June.

Eight sessions in all. Should a Club member not be able to make a specific session pre-paid fees will not be refunded, however a substitute, friend or whoever, may be sent instead.


Payment three sessions in advance, €36.00 per session.
Payment all eight sessions in advance, €32.00 per session.
To apply and for further assistance email [email protected]


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